Crush Force Tester with PC Control

DruckhärtemessungThe crush force tester recommended by BRACE for consistent, fast and reliable crush force testing is a solid motorized stand, including a force gauge up to 50 N suitable for most standard applications (other measuring ranges can be obtained and the force gauge can easily be exchanged) and an easy-to-use software preinstalled on the control PC.

The digital force gauges is suitable for tension and compression force testing in quality control, manufacturing, and R&D areas. It features a peak sampling rate of 7,000 Hz, producing accurate results even for quick-action tests. Accuracy is ±0.1% of full scale ±1 digit, and resolution is 1/5000. A large, backlit graphics LCD displays large, legible characters, while the simple menu navigation allows for quick access to the gauges’ many features and configurable parameters. The gauge is overload protected to 150% of capacity, and an analog load bar is shown on the display for graphical representation of applied force. The resulting data is transferred to a PC to the measuring and analysis software.

For analysis and measuring the software preinstalled on the Personal Computer with touch screen (additionally a keyboard and mouse is delivered) displays data in tabular and graphical formats. Load data can be graphed against time or travel. The program includes a set of tools to analyze test results, including statistical calculations, quick data export to Microsoft Excel, customizable reports, pass/fail indicators, and many others. Test setups and sequences are customizable and can be saved and recalled. The user can program test start and stop conditions, including load, time, travel, and sample break.

System Features

Test stand
Force gauge
- LCD display with UP, DOWN, STOP and emergency stop buttons and soft keys
- Removable fixation mounting plate with patternof threaded holes
- Selectable speed units of measurement (in/min & mm/min)
- Stepper motor-driven, produces 0% speed variation load
- Password protection of test parameters, to prevent unauthorized changes
- Mounting holes for bench mounting
- Integrated travel limit switches
- Unique mechanical design significantly reduces column blending
- Digital controller contains a backlit LCD screen with menu choices for ease of setup and operation
- High-speed 7,000 Hz peak sampling rate
- Live load bar graph with set point markers
- Averaging mode - calculates average readings over time
- External trigger mode - for switch contact testing or remotely stopping display update
- Programmable set points, with alarms and outputs
- USB, RS-232, Mitutoyo, and analog outputs
- Large backlit graphic display
- Peak readings always displayed
- 1,000-point data memory with statistics and outputs
- Password protection, configurable for individual keys
- Configurable audio alarms and key tones
- Aluminum construction
- Includes NIST Traceable Calibration Certificate
- Real time tabular and graphical data displaying load vs. time or load vs. travel
- Sends data from a force or torque gauge and travel display to a PC for further analysis
- Configurable start and stop test triggers (time, load, number of samples, or travel)
- Statistical calculations (minimum, maximum, average, area under curve) for a user selectable data range
- Graph manipulation tools, including zooming, rescaling, panning, titles, and more
- One-button export to Excel
- Create customizable reports and report templates
- Compatible with all Mark-10, Imada, Shimpo and all other force and torque measuring instruments
- Save and recall test setups and test data
- View real time test data through an enlarged instrument display

Delivery Scope

Test Stand
Connection Cable for the force gauge to the controller
Serial cable, controller to PC
Overload Protection
Gauge mounting hardware
Tool kit
Force Gauge 0.01-50N
Universal voltage AC adapter
USB cable
NIST-traceable certificate of calibration with data
Operation PC with Touchpanel, Keyboard, Mouse


Capacity Test Stand
Up to 24 in/mm: 300 lbF / 1.5 kN
> 24 in/mm: 200 lbF / 1 kN
Force Range (Force Gauge)
0.01 – 50 N
Load Cell Deflection(Force Gauge)
Standard Speed Range
13 - 330 mm/min (0.6 - 13 in/min)
Maximum Travel
292 mm
Speed Setting Accuracy
Speed Variation with load
±0% (Stepper motor driven)
Limit switch repeatability
0.001 in (0.03 mm)
Accuracy (Force Gauge)
±0.1% of full scale ±1 digit
Power (Force Gauge)
AC or rechargeable battery.
Battery Life (Force Gauge)
Backlight on: up to 7 hours of continuous use
Backlight off: up to 24 hours of continuous use
Measurement Units (Force Gauge)
lbF,ozF,gF,kgF,N,kN,mN (depending on model)
Safe Overload (Force Gauge)
150% of full scale (display shows "OVLD" at 110% and above)
Universal input 80-240 VAC, 50/60 Hz
Weight (without options)
ca. 15 kg (without PC)