Finally - The New Facilities start!

What's going on?

After more than two years planning, many delays and problems to overcome, finally the new facilities will be built!

On January 15th, 2010, the grand start was announced - just to be followed by several weeks of ice and snow. But now, the ground was broken and the building starts. We are all very happy that we can see progress. The opening is planned for August, 2010. With the new facilities we have finally the ability to realize a number of new projects - besides a special test and production tower a large expansion of production and development facilities will be open.

Facts, facts, facts

With more than 2400 m2 of new production area, a brand new development laboratory, offices and storage we will be ready to face new and old challenges in Microencapsulation and Microgranulation. Soon after the move the opening of GMP facilities in a clean room area will add to our capabilities.We all at BRACE feel very excited and are waiting the last few months to move in and help solving the problems of our customers in development, production and machinery for brand new products.

Foundations of our future

Our foundations are laid - this will be the base of our future. After waiting weeks and weeks for the winter to move on, spring finally came and gave us the opportunity to lay the foundations.

Every building starts with the first floor

As time progresses we can see more and more of the building growing - the first floor will be completed this week. On the picture the central lift for the test tower (32m for solar silicon processing) can be seen.

Rapid setup

Within a few days the first floor was finished and the second rapidly grows. We expect the closing of the roof soon.


As the production and office areas are made from ready made concrete parts, the building progresses very quickly. This week the roof should be closed. Now the tower and the internals are done, which means a lot less visual progress but getting a lot closer to the opening.

Almost on Top

Well, there is just one floor of the tower missing, then the height is reached (actually this picture is from last week, this week the last floor is already installed). Even windows are mounted and in the inside the rooms take shape. We are getting ready to move even if it will take a little more to actually start...

Finally! The Move starts!

Although the building is not completly finished, quite a bit of utilities are still missing, we decided that we need to move. We are trying to get the facilities up and running as quick as possible and just have to cope with whatever we have. But, well, this is life, isn't it? We are all happy to move and we will all be much happier when we are finished moving. In those hectic and chaotic times, many things go unhandled but they don't go amiss, they are just delayed.

We thank all our customers for their patience in those hard times, for forgiving our unresponsiveness and the delay in handling their affairs. But we are sure that we will soon be up and running at full speed to fullfill all our customers needs much better than before!

The Journey continues

With our vision of a neverending improvement process we upgraded already many parts of our units, making it suitable for sophisticated pharmaceutical and chemical processing. We have installed GMP facilities, liquid nitrogen chilled cooling towers, analytical equipment, continous sintering furnaces, air condition, even the storage area was already expanded. Now we are building our new clean rooms for an expansion of our pharmaceutical capabilities.