Heating Chambers

The BRACE heating chambers have been designed for the use with BRACE Microsphere Units (Fusion Process) either as feed conditioning or for the drying of microspheres after processing. Beyond that, the heating chambers can be run independently as well. There are different types which are build to the customer's needs. The feed conditioning type can be used for the melting of goods or barrels and is connected with a heated tube to the feed buffer chamber. The feed chamber, on the other hand, is a heating chamber which is constructed to keep the molten feed on temperature while processing it. It has several extras which allow stirring, temperature measurement and transportation of the feed to the nozzle head where it is processed into microspheres. The BRACE heating chambers are designed to customer specifications. Standard temperature are max. 300°C, but can be chosen according to the customer's needs. Please contact us for an offer!