Case Study - Hollow Ceramics

Ceramic microspheres are easy to produce with the BRACE processes. So why not using them for your application? Because hollow microspheres can do all those things ceramic Microspheres can, but better. A Catalyst Support needs educts to diffuse into the porous structure and products to diffuse out of them. Obviously this is fast on the surface and in the center of the sphere there will be less reaction going on. Which also means, that you active in the center is pretty useless. Plus your mass is higher, without benefit. A hollow bead just uses the exterior for reaction without compromising on strength or properties.

Some reactions even make a lot more sense with hollow Catalyst Supports. In some reactions side products will be diffusing in the catalyst carriers and reduce the reaction speed. As the porous structure in the core of a full particle makes it difficult for those side products to escape, the perfomance of the catalyst will be reduced. A hollow sphere however will make it possible to „store“ the side products in the core, without effecting the catalytic active parts in the shell.

Certainly, that is a lot of improvements that the BRACE processes can offer. But there is still more. Hollow ceramic microspheres are excellent insulators. Easy to apply, easy to use and of course easy to manufacture.

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