Security Advisory

10-04-2014 13:29

Heartbleed SSL Bug

The Heartbleed Bug discovered this week affects millions of secured websites worldwide. Unfortunately we at BRACE discovered that our secured server was also affected by this bug. In short:

  • Was BRACE's secured webserver affected by the bug? YES
  • How severe is this bug? MEDIUM
  • Why did BRACE use insecure software? The bug was discovered in a program part used by millions of webservers worldwide. Many big companies, even Google, have the same troubles. The software is reviewed regulary, but sometimes programming mistakes are not uncovered or not fixed quickly. The underlying program has proven its realibility over many years and it is still considered as being safe. BRACE tests as other web site owners all its software for security on a regular basis and fixes all security issues as quick as possible. If no update is available, BRACE rather removes the service (temporarily) instead of exposing our customers to a potential security problem.
  • What does it mean for my files and data available on the page? The files and data are secured and safe. However, the bug allows to read protected content from the memory of the server. This may include passwords and other sensible information transferred from or to the server.
  • I am using HTTPS all the time (a lock symbol is displayed in the address field of the browser), do I still have a problem? YES
  • Was this bug fixed? YES. We fixed the bug within hours after discovery.
  • What do I have to do? We advise strongly that you change your passwords in the user area of our webpage.
  • Have any files been stolen? According to our log files, no files have been downloaded by unauthorized persons. However, as it is possible that the account and password of the users have been intercepted, it is not possible to find out if the rightful owner was logged in.
  • How does BRACE avoid such security issues in the future? BRACE has always valued customer protection as the top priority. We will continue to monitor security issues closely and update our systems according to current security standards.

In case of doubt or questions, please do not hesitate to contact us via email or with the contact form.

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03-12-2019 21:18

Special Commendation for BRACE's Instant Process at the FI Innovation Award

We are very happy to announce that BRACE has received the speciall commendation a the Food Ingrident Innovation Awards 2019 for it novel and outstanding Instant Process. Stay tuned for more details! And visit us at our booth at 6D171 at the Food Ingredients Europe 2019 in Paris this week!

Food Tech Medal Icon

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26-11-2019 18:40

BRACE is Finalist at the FIE Awards

BRACE was selected finalist at the FI Innovation Awards.

We hope you all support us in winning the award! Please do not miss out the ceremony, as in any case we still will celebrate to be finalist. You can find more information about this great Instant-Process and one of its major applications in the attachment (please click on read more to get it). And of course have a look at the great drip casting process in our brand new video!

Instant Coffee Microspheres

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25-11-2019 17:07

23th Industrial Convention on Microencapsulation

23rd Microencapsulation Industrial Convention

To be held in

Rotterdam, The Netherlands - June 8-11, 2020

13 Presentations from experts

Lectures from leading experts will cover a large scope of the encapsulation field. Selection mixes senior scientists with high level of encapsulation processes understanding, together with experienced business practitioners of well established practical applications.

Up to 18 B2B Meetings

Since 1996, BRG has developed tools for optimizing the B2B meeting organisation. Based on your own pre-selection among the list of participants, we optimize your agenda with up to 18 B2B appointments. Coffee-breaks, exhibition and lunch times will give you additional networking opportunities to establish new contacts and find new partners.

Showcase with 20 Exhibitors

A broad state-of-the-art showcase presenting R & D services, Equipment & Tools, Material & Chemicals, Established Techniques in the realm of microencapsulation. Meet your future suppliers of equipments, services and production.


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13-06-2017 12:10

Change of Address

Please note that out address in Alzenau is closed.

Our address in Karlstein is now our headquarter and address for all shipments. Please check out the contact page for details.

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