Case Study - Polymers

Polymers and polymerisation is a large part of chemical processing. Polymer particles are used for a wide variety of applications, ranging from filter material, spacers for LED panels, proppants, feed for injection moulding, catalysts, chromatographic applications, and many many more.

Most of the times stirring processes („Pearl Polymerisation“) are used. Those are – besides the obvious difficulties in scaling up – processes that tend to lead to wide size distributions. Sieving of polymer particles on the other hand is very time-consuming and very low in efficiency.

But, there is a solution: BRACE offers with its Microsphere Processes the easy production of monodisperse spherical polymer particles. With the in situ polymerisation Microspheres and even Core-Shell-Microcapsules perfectly, very precise and narrowly size distributed particles are produced. Scalability is as with all BRACE processes no problem from grams to thousands of tons. There is no limit for the monomers to use, nor for the solidification. Thermogelling, radical, UV-curing or even flame hardened – all works with the BRACE processes.

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