Spherisator L

Spherisator LThe Spherisator L is designed as the "Big Brother" of the Spherisator S and M. With a capacity of up to 100 L/h it is well suitable for smaller productions. The flexible control allows for a huge amount of options, even time-switchable 1- and 3-phase devices as cold water generators etc. are possible. Most of the available options are auto-configurable being plug and play devices, as level controlled tanks, flow reactors etc.

With the Spherisator L it is possible to produce continuously. A number of continuous washing-and-separation units are available that are optimized for different fields of applications. Their modular design offers easy plug-and-play for pilot productions where materials and applications change frequently. Having a height of 4 m the Spherisator L still fits in industrial pilot areas.

For molten materials the Spherisator L offers a range of cooling towers, from compressor to liquid nitrogen cooled ones. The standard cooling tower lengths of 5, 10 and 15 m are easily adjustable to the local constraints and the materials to be processed.

Our dedication to optimization for the application renders the Spherisator L the perfect device for producing Microspheres and Microcapsules in constant high quality. However, it still can be used fully for development works. Equipped with a single nozzle head it is an easy task to develop recipes and formulations. Then, by switching to a multi-nozzle head, production starts within a couple of minutes.

Typical areas of application for the Spherisator L are, e.g. in the cosmetic industry where Microspheres as body wash are produced for esthetical effects or as active delivery system. Caffeine capsules can for example be produced to add a skin smoothening effect. With a Spherisator L with heating chamber (to be usable for melts) also exfoliants or teeth whitener for tooth paste are produced. Other fields of application include flavor filled Microcapsules for chewing gum or tobacco products, food additives and nutrients as omega-3-acid Microcapsules or encapsulated Probiotics and Vitamins. Even solder alloys for electronics (BGA, Ball-Grid-Array Solder Balls) can be produced with a Spherisator L.

An offer for a Spherisator L with an optimized configuration for your application can easily be requested via our Webpage, by phone, by email or via our contact form.