Spherisator M2

The Spherisator M2 is a highly versatile and scalable unit designed for development, piloting and production. With the wide variety of options for scalability, the Spherisator M2 can easily be upgraded to higher capacities and continuous production to grow with the market demands.

Modularity was already built into the design, so that the control unit can be used with many different drip casting units. Even the use of the drip casting inside a glove box is no problem, or why not using the option with a door for the drip casting and its exhaust connection? Most applications that would need expensive glove boxes can so be performed right on your laboratory table.

The Spherisator M2 is designed as highly scalable laboratory/pilot/production unit. With its large amount of options and extensions it can match and simulate any production unit using the BRACE Microsphere and Microcapsule processes or produce small and medium quantities itself.

The options for scaling include multi-nozzle plates, flow reactors for continuous production, feed preparation systems, washing, handling and drying system etc. With those modular add-ons the Spherisator M2 can go all the way from lab development machine to a scale of 100 L/h capacity as plug and produce device.

Every Spherisator M2 comes with the capabilities to produce Microspheres (granulation/matrix encapsulation) or Microcapsules (core-shell-encapsulation). The robust structure with industrial standards and easy-to-clean design makes it even possible to operate the unit in laboratory, pilot or production facilities.

The modularity of the Spherisator M2 allows it to offer options as “packages”. So for the material and capacity choice the correct packages can be easily selected to get the correct configuration.

Comparison of the production capacity of different processes for Microsphere and Microcapsule production.

The capacity of the BRACE process depends on the materials and nozzle diameters to be used. In the figure below a wax material was measured with a 500 µm nozzle. Depending on the process parameters capacities as high as 12 L/h can be used. Scaling such a process means parameter adjustment but also numbering up of the nozzles. For the Spherisator M2 nozzle plates with hundreds of nozzles are available, scaling such throughputs linearly with the number of nozzles.

Besides throughputs, also the needs of the materials have to be taken into account. Therefore options as heating chambers and even high temperature furnaces up to 1500°C are offered as drip casting units. For the solidification various processing options from liquid collections to reactive systems and cooling towers with temperatures as low as -196°C are offered.

When it comes to operation costs the BRACE processes are at it's best. As the units can be run unattended in production or automatic mode, only minimum operator interaction is necessary. A single operator is even able to operate even several units in parallel.

Made from high quality material only and state of the art industrial electronics, the Spherisator M2 is ready to operate even in 24/7 mode under heavy duty. All parts are subject to intensive quality control and testing before leaving our premises. That way we can ensure only units in perfect state get shipped.

With the advanced operation panels which have been subject to user testing the operation of the units is simple, easy and fault free. We took a lot of care to optimize the usage that way, that erroneous inputs are avoided and the operator can concentrate on his important work – getting the product to the customer.

Even cleaning is simple. In the basic version the Spherisator M2 can be cleaned extremely fast by just washing the product lines, tanks and nozzles. In other options, WIP and CIP options can be included to automatize the washing.

With all these huge advantages, the BRACE units are outstanding in the field of microsphere and microcapsule units. There is no other supplier that can offer such extremely powerful and compact units as BRACE. The small production unit is smaller than most laboratory units available. While rendering a perfect product, flawless microspheres and microcapsules with extremely tight size distributions. In the graphics to the right side it is visible how narrow the size distribution for any product is as minimum. By optimization the diameter ranges can be reduced below 1% deviation of the mean diameter. At 100% yield in this diameter range.

Generally, the yields between input and output of material (raw material to finished spheres) exceeds 98% for most material combinations. A lossless, flawless process, producing perfect spherical particles with very little user interaction – this can only be offered by BRACE and the outstanding BRACE processes.