Spherisator µ

Spherisator µThe Spherisator µ is an ultra compact version of our laminar flow drip casting technology. It offers simple to use operation for both microsphere and microcapsule production in a small bench top machine.

Optimized for research and development work it unifies the properties of easy operation while being able to fully evaluate recipes on laboratory scale. Even a heating up to 70°C was included to use materials at elevated temperatures. Recipes that are developed with this unique device can be fully transferred to larger production units made by BRACE.

Due to the one block design the machine is out-of-the-box ready for operation, while maintenance and cleaning can be reduced to a minimum.

Several training options starting at a one day course are available in which recipe development with the Spherisator µ are demonstrated and practical lessons for development are shown. Additionally development training on site with customer materials is available to give a head start on your projects!