Case Study - Catalyst Support

Many chemical compounds are produced by catalytic reactions. As all catalytic reactions need a catalyst, and the catalyst is not depleted during reaction, it makes sense to recover it and reuse it. However, to do this, the catalyst has to be bound to a support that can be easily removed from the products.

Although chunks or irregular pieces would also allow to be removed from the products, a spherical particle offers a range of advantages: It is stable to be stacked high, such in a horde reactor. It does not block flow as it offers a constant open area in a stacking. It is very stable when used in e.g. a fluidized-bed reactor. A sphere is therefore the best option for catalysts in chemical reaction, as it offers the best stability to be used many times and long term use of the – often expensive – catalytic ingredient.

The BRACE Processes offer the easy production of catalytic supports with adjustable and very high BET surfaces, adjustable porosity and last but not least completely taylorable sizes. With the monodal size distribution they offer the perfect and fully calculable reaction speed to optimize catalytic reactions. Due to their sphericity, they can easily be removed and replaced in process for inspection.

BRACE Microspheres – and there is nothing more you wish for!

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