Rental Equipment

Rental equipment by BRACE. We offer a range of laboratory machines for rental. Rental times start at 4 months, lease-to-own is also possible. Besides the rental pool, of course also other options are possible on request.

Spherisator S

The Spherisator S was designed for development works as feasibility tests, extensive recipe development or production on small scales (maximum throughput is 1 L/h). With its easy to clean setup, stainless steel surfaces and integrated controls, it is a compact unit easy to operate and maintain.

The control of the Spherisator S is done with a control PC. The standard configuration uses a touch-panel PC with Microsoft Windows (English) installed. With the PC software included it is possible to set the process parameters, save and retrieve them. The software can easily be operated even with gloves.

The Spherisator S is very configurable to fullfill the individual needs. It can be equipped with a variety of nozzle types, feed vessels and collection tanks. Even a heating chamber is available, that can be equipped with a laboratory size cooling tower. It is easily possible to develop Microsphere and Microcapsule formulations on the Spherisator S with all the material range available. Optimized and certified materials for matrix or core-shell encapsulation can be purchased at BRACE.

For use in overseas the Spherisator S is delivered with a power transformer to convert 100/115V to 230V. Alternatively a 3 phase connection can be ordered (mandatory for heating chamber use) with 200-230V power.

Spherisator M

The "bigger brother" of the Spherisator S is the Spherisator M. It was developed to be a compact and easy to use desktop unit, but also to be able to produce smaller samples, sufficient that you can do piloting and process tests. The robustness and the vast amount of options available, right up to continuous production options, make this device a complete all-rounder in Microspheres and Microcapsule development and production.

Modularity was already built into the design, so that the control unit can be used with many different drip casting units. Even the use of the drip casting inside a glove box is no problem, or why not using the option door for the drip casting and its exhaust connection? Most applications that would need expensive glove boxes can so be performed right on your laboratory table.

With the control touchscreen the unit can be operated easily, by software options even clinical trials can be processed on this wonderful device.

The drip casting unit can be chosen to fit right to the materials to be worked on. From simple room temperature units as in this photo up to heatable units with temperatures up to 1200°C everything is possible. With one control unit several drip casting units can be operated. Just plug in the unit you want to use and it is configured automatically.

With the options multi-nozzle plates Microspheres and Microcapsules can be produced in bigger quantities. The only thing necessary for scaling up is to exchange the plate - and voilà! Up to 10 L/h production is possible. Auxiliary equipment includes tanks up to 100 L, flow reactors for continuous production, even a laboratory cooling tower can be installed for the use with wax or metal melts.

Every Spherisator M comes with the capabilities to produce Microspheres (granulation/matrix encapsulation) or Microcapsules (core-shell-encapsulation). The robust structure with industrial standards and easy-to-clean design makes it even possible to operate the unit in laboratory or pilot facilities.